How to capture more value from your customers?

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All companies always want to capture more value from their customers. But they do not always, almost never, achieve it with their enormous efforts and expenses in advertising, marketing, pricing strategy, among others.

They have not designed value offerings and business models that respond to the needs, desires, interests and feelings of customers and users.

The challenge is to design products and services that are more useful to customers, as well as more satisfying when used or consumed.


Estos son algunos consejos para rediseñar ofertas de valor y modelos de negocio, con una perspectiva centrada en el cliente:


Qualitatively research your customers.

Don't just rely on traditional quantitative segmentation variables. Understand their contexts, behaviors and values. Use techniques such as ethnographic interviews.

Advance in the servitization of your products.

It is not enough to sell something, one thing. Today's consumers want more: this is what you can achieve with services that complement, expand and make your value proposition more attractive.

Design an ecosystem of services

This will allow your customers to access new services and improve their experience with them. A clear and relevant ecosystem can be more effective than a huge remarketing spend.

Think about digital revenue models

How do your customers pay you? How do they buy your product or service? Think about new models for generating revenue through digital possibilities. For example, Adobe went from selling individual, one-time purchased programs to recurring subscriptions for its customers.


Consolidate your digital channels

Design, manage and operate digital channels that allow you to deliver your value proposition to customers. They are not just for "customer service". And watch out: there is no long-term growth without good customer service. A well-functioning digital channel not only improves the customer experience, but can also make your product or service more valuable, and make your company the preferred one for your user.

These are just a few tips. If you want to go deeper into these strategies, we can talk at any time.
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