How to bring human-centered design to healthcare?

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Human-centered design not only transforms businesses, but also improves lives.


In the field of healthcare this is indeed true

No matter how much knowledge and technology there is, this is insufficient if they are not oriented with a concern for patients, families, and even the daily needs of health personnel.

In Colombia, EPS, insurance companies, public and private hospitals, laboratories, IPS, pharmacies, among other entities involved, have many challenges that are not related to the patient's health, but to the associated services.


These services usually involve more the patient's caregiver or guardian than the patient himself. They are the paperwork and tasks that these people have to do. For example, registering at clinics and hospitals, checking in and checking out, delivering and requesting medical records, claiming medications, requesting incapacities and formulas, among a thousand other things that we are all familiar with.

I am talking about problems of how companies approach their users, who are both patients and their companions.

Many of the dissatisfactions and frustrations of users are due to the channels they must use, the digital and physical experience they receive, the inconsistency of channels, the lack of support and service content, the lack of a good digital experience center, among others.


Similarly, many of the best healthcare providers are characterized by excellent service, experience and channel design.

The result? Satisfied patients, improved lives, and companies that can better deliver the value they have to offer.


If you want to learn more about how human-centered design can transform healthcare, read this specialized paper on the topic.


If you are a healthcare company and would like to discuss these topics, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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