Why is Google's support and service so good?

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With its hundreds of millions of users around the world, Google has always avoided letting its customer service rest on personal attention.

(And yes, you can talk to people, but that's the last thing Google wants).

However, for a long time, especially during the 2000's, Google received a lot of complaints about the poor quality of its customer service and customer experience.


Google made a radical bet on user self-management.

And its bet turned out well: today Google is a global example of a good self-managed service, based on the knowledge paradigm.

Google's CX, of which support and service is just one part, teaches that digitalization, omnichannel, content and design principles are the key to achieving customer service that overcomes the traditional problems of call centers and analog customer service.


How has Google achieved this?

Google's support and service has three principles:

    1. It is digital, not analog.
    2. It gives autonomy and control to users.
    3. It is proactive and preventive, not reactive.

Google has, then 

  • A help center that gathers content on all Google services. 


  • A community of users to ask questions and receive answers


ejemplo de soporte en google


In general, Google's support and service contents have

  • Good indexing and findability.
  • An information architecture according to the problems and services.
  • Consistent, clear and precise user-centric language.


Google's user community allows you to

  • Know and learn from cases similar to your own.
  • Receive answers from experts in Google products.


In this way, Google is able to address most of the problems of its customers and users.



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