Success story: we redesigned a chatbot for Whatsapp in the pandemic.

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What was the company's problem?

With the Covid-19 quarantines and the closure of physical branches, the customer service channels of a large Colombian financial company collapsed.

Customers became desperate and began to look for new options, such as online chat, which worked on Facebook and the website.

To address this, in just 20 days the company created a bot that worked on multiple platforms, especially Whatsapp.



What challenge did we receive?

After the first stage, we were tasked with making the bot evolve to reach more users, give it more utility and usability, and allow more interactions. It was not to create a chatbot for Whatsapp from scratch, but to redesign it based on its future growth. In short, we received a strategic design challenge.



What results did we get?


Infografia diseño chatbot whatsapp


What actions did we take to solve it?

    1. Permanent design cell that could transform, propose and test new ideas and functionalities. 
    2. Redesign of the information architecture.
    3. User language research to facilitate financial language.
    4. Refinement of voice, tone and brand style.
    5. Implementation of an experience measurement and tracking methodology to know how the bot should evolve.
    6. Implementation of the bot in different channels, such as Whatsapp and web.
    7. Completion of the information available in the bot, according to the different types of users and customers of the company.
    8. Moving from informational to transactional.
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Mateo Rodríguez Arias

Soy el director de investigación de Xperience. Cuento con 10 años de experiencia en las áreas de Investigación, Marca, Tendencias y Diseño de Servicios. Soy Docente de Posgrados de la Colegiatura Colombiana. Estudié diseño gráfico en la Colegiatura Colombiana y cuento con una especialización en intervención creativa de la misma universidad. Tengo una maestría en filosofía de la Universidad de Navarra, y otra en comunicación digital. Tengo estudios en ilustración avanzada, antropología, tradeshow y mercadeo.