6 UX and UI mistakes that will cause you to lose customers.

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Bad digital experiences are paid for in lost customers and slower growth. Just a few numbers.

  • According to Zendesk, 92% of customers will spend more with companies that don't ask them to repeat information.
  • And 93% of customers will spend more with companies that offer their preferred channel for customer support and service.
  • In addition, 80% of users delete an app because they don't know how to use it.

Without a good UX and UI in your services, experiences and channels, you risk losing as users those you gain as customers. Ultimately, there is no customer experience without user experience.  

And that can mean fewer sales, worse brand image or lower perceived quality.

To ensure that you have a valuable user experience, we recommend you read the following mistakes and analyze if you are making them or if there is something you can improve in those aspects.



Mistake 1: Your onboarding is confusing and inefficient

 Some signs  

  • You ask the user to repeat information you have already given before.
  • You inflate their expectations (and then disappoint and frustrate them).
  • It is not clear how to use and navigate your respective channel.

 You generate frustration 


Mistake 2: your users make mistakes easily and cannot correct them.

 Some signs 

  • You don't ask for confirmations or verifications.
  • You don't give the option to return.
  • You don't apply UI interaction patterns. And then, for example, your user presses the wrong buttons, because he is used to it. 

  You generate anger   


Mistake 3: You don't have visual continuity and consistency.

Some signs

  • You don't use a design system
  • Your user doesn't feel safe when changing environment, for example, to perform a new action or transaction. 

 You generate distrust  


Mistake 4: you do not offer shortcuts, search engines or ways to go faster.

Some signs

  • Your information architecture only admits one way to get to a certain point.
  • Your contents are not findable in Google (SEO indexing).

 You generate impatience 


Mistake 5: you do not offer help to the user.

Some signs

  • There is no article and FAQ center that can be consulted quickly.
  • For critical cases, you do not make available the option of assistance.
  • You don't have different support channels (calls, chats or social networks).

You generate a feeling of abandonment


Mistake 6: Your texts are ambiguous, specialized or excessive.

Some signs

  • You force your user to look for more help.
  • Your user feels unable to use your channel or use your service or product.

You generate confusion

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